20 Best side hustles for Mechanics

Side hustles for mechanics

. Introduction: Exploring Lucrative Side Hustles for Mechanics

Mechanics possess valuable skills that extend beyond traditional repair work. This article delves into 20 best side hustles for mechanics, offering a guide to additional income opportunities that align with their expertise and passion for automobiles.

2. Auto Detailing Services:

 Perfecting the Shine Mechanics can delve into auto detailing, capitalising on their eye for precision and detailing. This side hustle involves cleaning, polishing, and enhancing the appearance of vehicles, appealing to those who seek a meticulous touch for their cars.

3. Mobile Mechanic

Repairs On-the-Go Offering mobile mechanic services takes the repair shop directly to clients’ locations. This flexible side hustle caters to individuals and businesses, providing convenience and on-the-spot automotive solutions.

4. Customization and Modification:

 Personalising Rides Mechanics skilled in customization can turn this hobby into a profitable venture. Whether it’s modifying cars or motorcycles, this side hustle involves personalising vehicles to meet clients’ unique preferences.

5. Salvage and Resale:

Turning Spare Parts into Cash Mechanics can explore salvaging and reselling automotive parts. This side hustle involves refurbishing salvageable components, creating a sustainable business by providing quality, reconditioned parts.

6. Online Tutorial Services:

Sharing Expertise Virtually Mechanics can share their knowledge through online tutorial services, creating content or live sessions. This side hustle not only generates income but also establishes them as industry experts.

7. Automotive Blogging:

Turning Passion into Content Starting an automotive blog allows mechanics to share their experiences, tips, and insights. Monetizing through ads, affiliate marketing, or sponsored content turns this hobby into a revenue-generating venture.

8. Event Mechanic for Motorsports:

Thriving in the Fast Lane Mechanics can offer their services at motorsports events, gaining exposure and establishing credibility within the racing community. This side hustle combines a passion for mechanics with the thrill of motorsports.

9. Tool Rental Business:

Sharing Resources with Fellow Mechanics Establishing a tool rental business allows mechanics to monetize their tool collection. Renting out specialised tools not only generates income but also helps others in the same trade.

10. E-commerce for Auto Parts:

Tapping into the Digital Marketplace Creating an online store for auto parts enables mechanics to reach a broader audience. This side hustle involves selling new or refurbished parts, catering to DIY enthusiasts and car owners.

11. In-House Maintenance Workshops:

Educating and Earning Organising in-house maintenance workshops allows mechanics to provide hands-on training for car owners. Charging a fee for these sessions not only educates but also adds to their income.

12. Junkyard Scouting and Flipping:

Treasure from Trash Mechanics skilled in identifying valuable parts can explore junkyards, purchase salvageable vehicles or components, and sell them for a profit. This side hustle turns discarded items into valuable resources.

13. Valet Parking Services:

Elevating Parking Experiences Offering valet parking services adds a touch of professionalism to events or businesses. Mechanics can utilise their driving and parking expertise to create a sought-after service.

14. Fleet Management Consultancy:

Streamlining Vehicle Operations Mechanics can offer consultancy services for businesses managing vehicle fleets. Providing expertise in maintenance schedules and cost-effective repairs can save companies money and create a valuable side hustle.

15. Recreational Vehicle (RV) Maintenance:

Adventure-Driven Hustle Specialising in RV maintenance caters to the growing market of recreational vehicle owners. This side hustle combines mechanical skills with a love for adventure, appealing to outdoor enthusiasts.

16. Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversions:

 Riding the Green Wave With the rise of electric vehicles, mechanics can specialise in converting traditional vehicles to electric. This eco-friendly venture aligns with the shift towards sustainable transportation.

17. Specialty Tool Manufacturing:

 Crafting Custom Solutions Mechanics with machining skills can manufacture and sell specialty tools. Creating customised solutions for common issues in the automotive world can establish a niche market.

18. Insurance Inspection Services

Ensuring Vehicle Safety Offering inspection services for insurance companies allows mechanics to assess vehicle conditions and ensure compliance with safety standards, creating a side hustle that contributes to road safety.

19. Classic Car Restoration:

 Preserving Automotive Heritage Restoring classic cars allows mechanics to blend passion with profit. This side hustle appeals to enthusiasts seeking to revive vintage vehicles to their former glory.

20. Ride-Share Vehicle Inspections: 

Verifying Safety Standards Mechanics can partner with ride-share companies, offering inspection services to ensure vehicles meet safety standards. This side hustle not only generates income but contributes to the safety of ride-share operations.

Which Side Hustle For Auto Mechanics Should I Choose

Choosing the right side hustle for auto mechanics involves a thoughtful consideration of individual interests, skills, and market demands. First and foremost, it’s crucial to assess personal passion and expertise within the realm of auto mechanics. For those who relish the meticulous process of restoring vehicles to their former glory, classic car restoration might be a fulfilling choice. Alternatively, mechanics with a penchant for innovation and sustainability may find electric vehicle (EV) conversions aligning perfectly with the current trend towards eco-friendly transportation.

Furthermore, evaluating market demands is pivotal. Mobile mechanic services can be an excellent choice, providing convenience to clients who prefer on-the-go repairs. Those with an eye for detail and a love for aesthetics might explore auto detailing services, where perfection in cleaning and enhancing vehicle appearance is paramount. Understanding the local demand for specific services, such as fleet management consultancy or junkyard scouting and flipping, can guide the decision-making process.

In essence, the ideal side hustle depends on a harmonious blend of personal passion, skills, and a keen awareness of market needs. By carefully considering these factors, auto mechanics can embark on a side hustle journey that not only aligns with their expertise but also presents lucrative opportunities in a diverse and dynamic automotive landscape.

Finding time to start a side hustle

Finding time to start a side hustle can be challenging amid the demands of a busy schedule, but it’s a crucial aspect of successfully launching an additional income stream. To begin, individuals should conduct a thorough evaluation of their daily routine, identifying pockets of time that can be dedicated to a side hustle. This might involve waking up a bit earlier, utilising lunch breaks effectively, or dedicating some time after regular work hours. Prioritization plays a key role; identifying and allocating specific time slots for side hustle activities ensures consistent progress. Moreover, embracing productivity tools and time management techniques can enhance efficiency. Whether it’s creating a designated workspace or employing productivity apps, optimising the available time becomes essential. Recognizing that the journey to entrepreneurship often starts with small, intentional steps fosters a mindset conducive to balancing existing commitments with the pursuit of a successful side hustle.

What kind of mechanic makes the most money

The type of mechanic that tends to make the most money often depends on specialisation and expertise within a particular field of automotive repair. Mechanics with advanced skills in repairing and maintaining specialised vehicles, such as aircraft or marine vessels, can command higher salaries due to the complexity and specificity of their work. Additionally, those who specialise in repairing luxury or high-performance vehicles may find themselves in higher demand, serving a clientele willing to pay a premium for precision and expertise. Moreover, mechanics who transition into roles involving diagnostics, computerised systems, and emerging technologies within modern vehicles often have higher earning potential. Specialisations in diesel engines, industrial machinery, or hybrid/electric vehicles are also areas where mechanics can leverage their expertise for increased income. In essence, the most lucrative path often lies in combining mechanical proficiency with specialisation in areas of the automotive industry where demand for highly skilled professionals is consistently high.


Finishing up our look into the 20 best side hustles for mechanics, it’s pretty clear that there are many different ways to make extra money beyond the regular garage work. Mechanics have special skills that can help them earn money in different ways. They could get into things like cleaning cars, going to fix cars wherever they are, or even doing stuff on the internet. There’s a side job for every mechanic out there. The important thing is to find the one that matches what you like and are good at, while also thinking about what people need. Remember, it’s okay to start small and grow over time. Each side job is like a new adventure, giving mechanics the chance to show what they know and do well in different parts of the car world. So, get ready, get excited, and start a side hustle journey that not only makes more money but also brings a new twist to your love for cars.