Best Apps That Pay You to write stories

Apps that pay you to write stories

 In today’s digital era, writing stories can not only be a creative outlet but also a source of income. Discovering apps that pay you to write stories has become a game-changer for aspiring writers. This article explores the top apps that not only value your literary skills but also reward you for your storytelling prowess.

2. Wattpad: A Haven for Aspiring Writers

Wattpad stands out as a global platform where aspiring writers can showcase their creativity. With millions of readers, the Wattpad Paid Stories program offers an opportunity for writers to earn from their engaging content.

3. Medium: Where Thoughtful Content Meets Earnings

Medium goes beyond a simple blogging platform; it’s a space where quality content is rewarded through the Medium Partner Program. Writers can earn based on the engagement and popularity of their articles.

4. Vocal Media: Diverse Earning Opportunities

Vocal Media caters to various niche communities. Through reads, tips, and bonuses, writers can earn on this platform, making it a versatile space for those seeking monetary rewards for their content.

5. Radish Fiction: Monetizing Serialized Narratives

Specialising in serialised storytelling, Radish Fiction offers a unique earning model. Writers can earn based on reader engagement, making it an appealing platform for those who enjoy creating ongoing narratives.

6. Substack: Building Your Subscriber Base

Substack is not just a platform; it’s a tool that empowers writers to create newsletters and earn through subscriptions. It’s a direct way to connect with readers and build a loyal audience.

7. Commaful: Infusing Creativity with Earnings

Commaful focuses on visually appealing short stories, creating a unique space for writers. With the opportunity to earn through tips and engagement, it caters to those who love combining artistry with storytelling.

8. Scribophile: Community for Mutual Growth

Scribophile goes beyond monetary rewards by fostering a community where writers can critique each other’s work. It’s a space where writers grow together, creating a supportive environment.

9. StoryTerrace: Turning Memories into Cash

StoryTerrace offers a distinctive opportunity for writers with a knack for memoirs. By connecting writers with individuals wanting their life stories turned into books, it provides a platform for unique storytelling.

10. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): Self-Publishing Profits

KDP is a giant in the self-publishing world, allowing writers to earn royalties by self-publishing their work. It offers exposure and potential earnings to writers looking for independence.

11. Writing on Patreon: Connecting with Your Fans

Patreon provides a direct way for writers to connect with their fans and build a membership-style income. Offering exclusive content to subscribers, writers can create a dedicated community.

12. FanFiction.Net: Fandoms and Exposure

While FanFiction.Net doesn’t directly pay, it provides a platform for writers to explore their creativity within existing fandoms. It can lead to exposure and opportunities within the fanfiction community.

13. Tapas: Bite-Sized Storytelling for Rewards

Tapas specializes in bite-sized storytelling, allowing writers to earn through ad revenue and Tapas’ virtual currency, Ink, which readers use to unlock premium content.

14. Prose: Collaborative Writing for Compensation

Prose takes a unique approach by facilitating collaborative writing. Writers contribute to a story, and earnings are distributed based on the popularity of their contributions.

15. StoryStar: Competing for Recognition and Prizes

StoryStar hosts writing contests with cash prizes, providing an engaging platform for writers to challenge themselves and earn recognition and rewards.

16. Ghost: A Platform for Subscription Earnings

Ghost is a publishing platform that allows writers to earn through subscriptions. With a focus on clean design and quality content, it’s a space for serious writers to monetize their work.

17. Reedsy: Connecting Writers with Professional Opportunities

Reedsy is a marketplace connecting writers with professional opportunities such as book editing and ghostwriting. It’s a platform for writers to find paid gigs and expand their careers.

18. WriterAccess: A Freelance Writing Marketplace

WriterAccess is a platform where writers can find paid writing assignments from various clients. It serves as a marketplace connecting skilled writers with businesses in need of content.

19. Textbroker: Writing for Paying Clients

Textbroker is a content marketplace offering paid writing assignments from diverse clients. It’s a straightforward way for writers to earn by showcasing their writing skills.

20. Upwork: Diverse Freelance Writing Opportunities

Upwork is a freelancing platform with a multitude of writing opportunities. Writers can bid on projects and establish a steady income through freelance work.

21. Fiverr: Showcasing Your Writing Services

Fiverr allows writers to create gigs and offer their writing services. It serves as a platform where writers can showcase their skills and attract clients seeking their specific expertise.

22. Contena: Finding High-Paying Writing Gigs

Contena is a platform helping writers find high-paying writing gigs. It’s a resource for freelancers aiming to maximize their earnings by accessing premium opportunities.

23. Indeed: Exploring Job Opportunities for Writers

Indeed, although not exclusively for writers, is a vast job platform where writers can discover various writing opportunities across different industries.

24. LinkedIn: Networking for Writing Opportunities

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where writers can connect with potential clients and discover writing opportunities in various professional fields.

25. Freelancer: Access to Diverse Writing Projects

Freelancer is a platform where writers can bid on diverse writing projects, providing a competitive marketplace with various opportunities for writers to earn.

26. Constant Content: Selling Pre-Written Articles

Constant Content allows writers to sell pre-written articles. It’s a marketplace where businesses can purchase ready-made content for their websites.

27. HubPages: Earning Through Published Articles

HubPages is a platform where writers can publish articles and earn through ad revenue and the HubPages Earnings Program.

28. Verblio: Connecting Writers with Business Opportunities

Verblio connects writers with businesses in need of content. It’s a platform where writers can find freelance opportunities based on their expertise and niche.

29. Suno: Audio Storytelling for Earnings

Suno focuses on audio storytelling, providing a platform for writers to contribute stories. Earnings are generated based on the popularity of their audio content.

30. Google AdSense: Monetizing Personal Blogs

For writers with personal blogs, Google AdSense offers the opportunity to earn through ad revenue. It’s a way to monetize your own content and writing efforts on a personal platform.

31. Helium 10: Monetizing Amazon Kindle Ebooks

Helium 10 is a platform that helps writers optimize and market their Amazon Kindle eBooks. It offers tools for keyword research, listing optimization, and sales tracking, enhancing writers’ visibility and earnings on the Kindle platform.

32. Vocalyz: Earning from Audio Narration

Vocalyz focuses on audio narration, allowing writers to earn by converting their written stories into audio format. This innovative platform caters to the growing demand for audio content.

33. Hive: Blockchain-Powered Monetization

Hive leverages blockchain technology to reward writers for their content. Through token incentives, writers earn based on the engagement and impact of their stories within the Hive community.

34. Tapjoy: Earning through Interactive Stories.

Tapjoy introduces an innovative platform where writers can not only weave captivating stories but also earn through reader interaction. This unique avenue allows writers to create interactive narratives, where readers make decisions that impact the story’s progression. The brilliance of Tapjoy lies in its ability to turn storytelling into a dynamic, engaging experience.Tapjoy is an exciting space for writers who seek to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling, offering a platform that values not just the narrative itself but the interactive journey crafted by the writer, making it an enticing prospect for those ready to explore the evolving landscape of digital storytelling.

35. Text Blaze: Monetizing Interactive Story Templates

Text Blaze provides writers with the ability to create interactive story templates. Writers can earn by sharing their creative templates, and each use by others contributes to their earnings.

36. ProWritingAid: Earning through Writing Improvement

ProWritingAid not only aids writers in improving their writing but also offers an affiliate program. Writers can earn by promoting this writing tool and receiving a commission for each successful referral.

37. Leanpub: Self-Publishing with Variable Pricing

Leanpub is a platform where writers can self-publish their books and set variable pricing. It allows authors to earn more while giving readers the flexibility to pay what they believe the content is worth.

38. Clarity: Monetizing Writing Expertise

Clarity connects writers with individuals seeking professional advice. Writers can offer consulting services, earning money by sharing their expertise and insights with those in need.

39. Skillshare: Teaching Writing for Income

Skillshare provides writers with an opportunity to teach writing skills. By creating online courses, writers can earn income while helping others enhance their storytelling abilities.

40. Podcasting Platforms: Transforming Stories into Audio Content

Utilising podcasting platforms like Anchor or Spotify, writers can turn their written stories into engaging audio content. Monetization options, such as ads and listener support, allow writers to earn from their narrated tales.


Q1: How do these apps pay writers?

A: Payment methods vary among apps, including ad revenue sharing, subscription models, and direct payments based on story engagement and popularity.

Q2: Can I earn a substantial income from these apps?

A: Earnings depend on factors like the platform, your audience, and the quality of your content. Some writers earn a significant income, while others use it as a supplementary source.

Q3: Are there any age restrictions for using these apps?

A: While most platforms have no strict age restrictions, some may require users to be at least 13 or 18 years old. It’s crucial to check each platform’s terms of service.

Q4: How do interactive story platforms work?

A: Interactive story platforms, like Text Blaze, allow writers to create templates where readers make decisions. Writers earn as others engage with and use these interactive templates.

Q5: How can writers earn from podcasting platforms?

A: Writers can transform their stories into audio content on podcasting platforms, earning through ad revenue, listener support, and potential sponsorships.

Q6: Is there a cost to publish on self-publishing platforms like Leanpub?

A: While some self-publishing platforms may have minimal fees, Leanpub allows authors to set their pricing, and the platform takes a percentage of each sale.

Q7: Can writers earn byteaching on Skillshare?

A: Yes, writers can create and monetize online courses on Skillshare, earning income by sharing their writing expertise with a broader audience.


In conclusion, the landscape for writers to earn money has expanded significantly with the rise of various apps and platforms. From traditional storytelling to interactive templates, affiliate programs, and teaching opportunities, writers now have diverse avenues to showcase their talent and generate income. Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting, exploring these platforms can not only fulfil your creative aspirations but also provide a tangible reward for your storytelling endeavours. Keep writing, exploring new platforms, and embracing the evolving world of digital storytelling.