How to Make Money on BIGO without going live

How to Make Money on BIGO without going live

In the colourful panorama of social media, BIGO sticks out as a platform offering now not simply connectivity but additional possibilities for users to earn some extra cash. 

Are you a BIGO user trying to earn some extra money without going to stay? You’re in good fortune! While going live is a popular way to make money on BIGO, there are alternative methods that you can explore. In this manual, we’re going to walk you step-by-step on the way “How to make money on BIGO without going live” .

Platform Overview

 It may be very critical to understand about the platform earlier than you can begin incomes. BIGO has diverse interests which are served with a whole lot of capabilities. Content, social media and streaming for live users, permits them to connect and make cash.

Importance of Content Creation

 In order to succeed on BIGO, developing thrilling content is the key element. Even if you are not keen on doing live streaming, you still appeal to human beings through photographs, movies or posts. Make positive that what you produce is something that is relevant in your target market because it additionally reflects who you’re.

Building a Strong Follower Base

After learning content material creation, the next step is to grow your follower base. Engagement subjects- reply to those feedback, messages and engage along with your followers. Continuously posting high pleasant content will increase your fans’ dependence in addition to capability income from logo collaborations.

Opportunities with Talent Agencies

   Collaboration with skills agencies is one way through which one could make it huge in BIGO. These corporations have subsidised content material opportunities for their users along with placements for products and endorsements for brands By joining such an employer, one gets paid-for jobs without going to stay.

Participating in Challenges and Contests:

Challenges and contests are any other manner to earn cash on BIGO without live streaming. Keep an eye fixed out for platform-hosted challenges or the ones subsidised by using manufacturers. Participating in those occasions no longer most effectively lets in you to showcase your creativity and skills but additionally gives you the chance to win rewards, prizes, and even coins bonuses.

Monetizing Your Content:

One of the primary monetization options available on BIGO is through virtual gifts. Even if you’re now not staying, visitors can nevertheless send items to your uploaded content material as a manner to support you financially. These digital items translate into actual profits for you, offering a steady circulation of profits without the need for stay streaming.

Collaborating with Other Users:

Collaboration is key to achievement on BIGO. Partnering with other customers can help grow your visibility, attract extra followers, and open up new possibilities for monetization. Look for customers with comparable hobbies or complementary content patterns, and explore collaboration opportunities along with joint content material introduction, move-merchandising, or co-web hosting events.

Offering Paid Services:

If you have a particular skill or knowledge, take into account presenting paid services to your fans. This may want to consist of some thing from customised shout outs to one-on-one education sessions, relying to your area of interest and audience choices. By monetizing your expertise, you not handiest offer cost to your target market however additionally create an extra revenue flow for yourself.

Promoting Affiliate Products:

Affiliate marketing is some other lucrative way to make cash on BIGO without going stay. Join associate packages and sell services or products applicable to your audience. You can encompass affiliate hyperlinks for your content material descriptions or directly sell products through subsidised posts, earning commissions on referrals and income.

Utilising In-App Features:

BIGO gives diverse in-app capabilities that allow you to monetize your content. From top class stickers to paid get entry to distinct content material and subscription-based fan golf equipment, those features offer additional sales streams for content creators. Experiment with exclusive functions to see what resonates nice with your target audience and maximises your incomes capacity.

Leveraging Sponsored Content Opportunities:

Explore possibilities to collaborate with brands and companies for sponsored content material advent. Brands are frequently willing to pay for sponsored posts or product placements within your content, permitting you to monetize your target audience and affect efficiently.

Hosting Virtual Events and Workshops:

Consider website hosting digital occasions such as webinars, workshops, or seminars on BIGO. Charge attendees a price to participate and percentage your expertise on a topic relevant to your audience. Virtual activities provide a platform for interactive engagement and offer a brand new sales move for content creators.

Creating and Selling Digital Products:

Develop digital products together with e-books, online courses, or virtual downloads that cater in your target market’s pursuits or needs. Sell those merchandise directly on your followers on BIGO or via external platforms, producing passive earnings whilst offering cost on your target market.

Offering Exclusive Membership Tiers:

Introduce different club levels or subscription-based total services in your audience. Offer top rate content material, perks, and blessings to subscribers in exchange for a habitual monthly price. Exclusive club stages not most effective provide a consistent earnings move however also foster a feel of belonging and community among your committed followers.

Investing in Advertising Campaigns:

Allocate a part of your income closer to marketing campaigns on BIGO or different social media structures. Invest in targeted ads to increase visibility, attract new followers, and power engagement together with your content. Advertising campaigns can enlarge your attain and assist you monetize your content material more efficiently.

Staying Consistent and Patient:

Last but simply not least, success on BIGO—whether stay streaming or no longer—calls for consistency, persistence, and dedication. Keep growing and sharing content material regularly, engage with your target market, and be open to attempting new strategies to maximise your earning capacity through the years. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor is a successful monetization method on BIGO.


In end, even as live streaming can be the move-to approach for lots of BIGO customers to make cash, it is by no means the best alternative. By leveraging content material advent, attractive with your audience, exploring collaborations and partnerships, and diversifying your monetization methods, you could correctly earn money on BIGO with out ever having to go stay. So what are you expecting? Start implementing these techniques these days and watch your profits develop on BIGO!


1.How do I get paid on BIGO?

To get paid on BIGO, meet eligibility criteria, set up a payment account, and engage with your audience to earn through virtual gifts, ads, or sponsored content. Once you’ve accumulated earnings, request a payout through the platform’s specified process.

2. How do you go viral on BIGO LIVE?

To go viral on BIGO LIVE, create engaging content that resonates with your audience, utilise popular hashtags, and collaborate with other influencers. Consistency and interaction with viewers also play key roles in boosting your visibility and potential for virality.

3.What is the minimum cash out in Bigo? 

The minimum cash out amount on BIGO varies depending on your region and payment method, but it typically ranges from $100 to $200. Be sure to check the specific requirements and thresholds applicable to your account.

4.Do people make money off of BIGO?

Yes, people can make money off of BIGO through various monetization methods such as receiving virtual gifts from viewers, participating in advertising revenue sharing, and engaging in sponsored content collaborations. The amount earned can vary widely based on factors like audience size, engagement level, and monetization strategies employed.